A family history, a company that looks to the future

Owned by the Monzo family, the Pietrabianca farm was officially born about 20 years ago in Casal Velino Marina in the Portararo area, throughout history known by the locals as “Pietrabianca” or Pretajanca (in the local dialect), “White Stone”. The farm is located in the heart of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento (Cilento’s National Park). This UNESCO World Human Heritage site in the province of Salerno is an area predominantly dedicated to agriculture and especially to the production of olive oil. The Monzo family has always been proudly and inseparably connected to Cilento’s agriculture and ancient traditions, and this is the reason why, over the centuries, they have specialized in olive trees farming and in the processing of their fruits. The recent history begins three generations ago, in the early years of the 20th century, when Antonio Monzo was already farming his own olive trees. It’s only thanks to him if today Pietrabianca owns 700 years old trees, patriarchs that need to be carefully guarded. Their extraordinary beauty inspires at the same time emotion, respect and peace, and represents a permanent motivation to safeguard this unique olive heritage of Cilento.


Made in Italy, Mediterranean Diet

Pietrabianca is located in Casal Velino Marina, a little and very ancient fishing village, which used to have one of the ports that belonged to the city of Elea. which later, in the Roman years, was called Velia. This was an ancient Magna Graecia polis, and it is currently located in Ascea. The agricultural excellence is one of the unique characteristics of this uncontaminated land, which represents the best Made in Italy in a legendary environment, full of history, culture and ancient traditions. Since 1998, the Cilento National Park is UNESCO World Heritage site.

Quality, sustainability, research and innovation

The policy of Pietrabianca is to produce extra virgin olive oils of quality branded Monzo using only native cultivars of Cilento all from olive groves owned: Salella, Pisciottana, Cammarotana, Frantoio, Leccino and Oliva Pollica White.

All the raw materialPietrabianca is processed exclusively in the estate mill working alternately controlled temperature. Olive press and olive groves are DOP and organic certified by bodies responsible for periodic checks such Agroqualità and ICEA. Since 2009, the company’s products Pietrabianca to Monzo brand boast the Protected Designation of Origin DOP Cilento, while in 2013 was achieved certification extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian “High Quality”.


Products: extra virgin olive oils