Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cilento DOP

The cultivar Salella is a medium fruity olive oil, its colour is green with light but precious shades of yellow. The smell of this oil leads us directly to the Cilento, his homeland. You can, in fact, perceive the fresh scents of a wild and blasamic grass typical of the area, called the inula viscose: it is like walking along the freshly cut fields of our countryside. The sweet and pleasant taste recalls notes of grass and olive leaves wich gradually lead us to the bitter-tasting of artichoke, thistle, chicory and lettuce. The last sensation is the spicy one, opening the way to a pleasant and fresh aftertaste of biter almonds (not toasted) and almond blossom.

Gli oli extravergine di oliva Monzo sono realizzati solo con varietà locali cilentane tutte provenienti dall’azienda agricola Pietrabianca. La molitura viene effettuata nel frantoio aziendale e il prodotto è sempre imbottigliato all’origine.

Magnete is made with Salella variety olives from subzones:
Cancarace (Casal Velino)
Fontana (Casal Velino)
Cattuieddo (Acquavella – Casal Velino)
Nocedda (Salento)
Gorga Nera (Stella Cilento)


Magnete extra virgin olive oil is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, single pack or carton of 12.