Quality and certifications

Pietrabianca quality

The policy of Pietrabianca is to produce extra virgin olive oils of quality branded Monzo using only native cultivars of Cilento all from olive groves owned: Salella, Pisciottana, Cammarotana, Frantoio, Leccino and Oliva Pollica White.

The fruit is picked by hand or in a mechanized manner when it is still green in late September and the first week of October and it worked very few hours away. All the raw material Pietrabianca is processed exclusively in the estate mill working alternately controlled temperature. The modern system of new generation continuous cycle uses the most advanced techniques of grinding, pressing and cold extraction, in accordance with the high quality of the product.
After processing the oil is filtered and stored in tanks stationed in rooms with controlled temperature and then the product is always bottled at source.

Olive press and olive groves are DOP and organic certified by bodies responsible for periodic checks such Agroqualità and ICEA. Since 2009, the company’s products Pietrabianca to Monzo brand boast the Protected Designation of Origin DOP Cilento, while in 2013 was achieved certification extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian “High Quality”.

Qualità Pietrabianca

Sustainability, research and innovation

Pietrabianca is sensitive to issues of sustainability, research and innovation.

The sustainability for modern agricultural company must be primarily economic, to guarantee continuity of production in the future; Monzo the family also operates also in terms of social sustainability, to ensure dignity for employees and people who work in the industry as partners and collaborators. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, it is the careful priority given to environmental sustainability in respect of Cilento unspoiled territory. It starts from the care and well-being of the plant and arrive at an integrated cycle of disposal of processing waste with an impact that can be as light as possible on the environment and nature. Since 2006, in fact, the vegetation water in accordance with the laws in force in the olive groves is reused as fertilizer and soil conditioner, while the olives is made a recovery in the biomass Energetic obtaining the pits for stoves, fuel a 100% natural and ecological.

For over ten years Pietrabianca aims to research and rediscovery of the ancient local cultivars, now forgotten, investing time and energy in the recovery of historical olive groves. At the moment we note the work of recovery of the variety and Cammarotana dell’Oliva Pollica White.

Finally with commitment and experience, Pietrabianca intends to innovate in production and transformation processes constantly updating all online systems with current technological standards, improving milling methods with a view to increasingly reduce the environmental impact and raise further the ‘ high quality of its extra virgin olive oils.

Pietrabianca with these values ​​ensures the high quality of its products for consumers in the international market, carrying on their tables authentic Italian excellence realized with passion and craftsmanship.