Cilento, Mediterranean Diet, Made in Italy

Pietrabianca is located in Casal Velino Marina, a little and very ancient fishing village, which used to have one of the ports that belonged to the city of Elea. which later, in the Roman years, was called Velia. This was an ancient Magna Graecia polis, and it is currently located in Ascea. The company is at the heart of Cilento, a large area in the south of Salerno (240,000 hectares), with a strong devotion to agriculture and and a very high quality of life, known and admired in all the world.

The agricultural excellence is one of the unique characteristics of this uncontaminated land, which represents the best Made in Italy in a legendary environment, full of history, culture and ancient traditions. Since 1998, the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, together with the archeological sites Paestum, Velia and the Certosa di Padula, is UNESCO World Heritage site.


Ancel Keys

Mother Nature has been been particularly generous to this land, and has created a diverse, authentic and unique territory, characterized by uncontaminated sea coasts,plains full of farms and streams, green hills with olive trees and forests which climb up high and rocky mountains. It is the stone of Cilento, strong symbol of this territory, that has inspired many of the names of the Monzo brand products: Magnete, Lapis and Rupe. It is here that the Mediterranean diet was born, a diet which was later discovered and studied by Ancel Benjamin Keys, who visited Pioppi, in Pollica.

These are the premises, and this is the territory where the Pietrabianca farm and the high quality Monzo extra virgin olive oil were born.